Use python via reticulate on Macbook M1

I stopped updating this blog since 2020 serveral months into the pandemic. When I checked again this week, quite a few things were broken, hugo, shiny and latex, just to name a few.

I am in the process to repost the old posts, and found that as of today, July 2022, reticulate is imcompatible with the Anacodna distro, even though Anacodna has a M1 distro since May, 2022.

The workaround is

  • uninstall anaconda
  • use reticulate::install_miniconda
  • Install packages to the env of your choice
  • then reticulate::use_miniconda(env)

It is fairly straightforward. Hopefully reticulate will be compatible with Anaconda in future updates.

Yunwei Hu
Yunwei Hu

My research interests include robotics, machine learning, and probabilistic modeling.